2018 Sermons October-December

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12.16.18-“Holiday Drama” A Messy Family for Jesus: Mathew 1:17

12.09.18-“Holiday Drama” Two Big Gifts: Jeremiah 31

12.02.18-“Holiday Drama” God’s Broken Family: Jeremiah 3

11.25.18-Taming the Mid-Winter Blues

11.18.18-“Forward” Generosity: II Corinthians 9

 11.11.18-Discipleship is Relationships

11.04.18-“Forward” Connected for Life: 1 Corinthians 12

10.28.2018-“Forward” Good News for Up North: 1 Cor.1  

10.21.2018-“Forward” No Favorites: Acts 10

10.14.2018-“Forward” Witness Deployment Program: Acts 1